1966 Born. Cleveland, Tennessee, USA.

1981 Apprentices in lithographic printing. Fort Myers, Florida.

1984 Studies art at Abraham Baldwin College. Georgia.

1987 Works in design interpretation, layout, dark room technique, plate making. Cape Coral, Florida.

1992-95 Apprentices in design, composition. Ocala, Florida and Daphne, Alabama.

2003-04 Tolar Schultz meets British Figurative Symbolist Edward Povey, Sarasota, Florida. Discussions about Figurative Symbolism. Grounding in art history, style chronology, colour evolution, composition and perspective, working methods, process.

2004-05 Povey and Schultz study form in London art museums, and work in their Caribbean, Wales and Florida studios.
Schultz studies fundamentals of drawing and painting at Povey's University of Wales Studio, United Kingdom.
Schultz discovers personal processes and her own form of feminist Figurative Symbolism.

2006-08 Studies the photography of fine art and conservation.
Photographs Welsh and English models, designs a body of paintings.
Tours London, New York, Seattle, Miami and Texas collectors delivering lectures about her new body of work.
MOMA Wales hangs a Schultz work.

2008-09 Shows with Kooywood Gallery in Cardiff, Wales.
Povey and Schultz interviewed on BBC Television, ITV Television, S4C Television and in regional newspapers regarding their transition to USA.
Schultz delivers lectures about her work in Wales, England and the USA.
Povey and Schultz build a studio in the Hill Country around Austin, Texas.
2010 Schultz and Povey marry in San Marcos, Texas.

2011-12 Studies a wide range of in-depth subjects including composition, oil glazing, drawing, the philosophy of style, new understandings of art history, colour, the handling of materials, the dynamics of the current art world.
Works in her Sub Rosa studio outside Austin, Texas.
Supports Povey in exploration of colour, concept and stylistic challenges on his new series of Figurative Symbolist paintings.

2013-15 Schultz studies early works of Argentine artist Sol Halabi in search of a new visual language, in an attempt to introduce abstraction into her figurative works. Designs and makes Deconstructionist paintings, discussed by Italian Museum Curator Giuseppe Bachi.  

2016 Schultz is photographed by Philip Rogers.  
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, publishes their charter for ethics in artificial intelligence, using Schultz  paintings as illustrations. They advise the White House and United Nations on growing concerns around the ethics of AI.
Schultz talks with major galleries in New York about her Deconstructionist paintings. Discussions with Miles McEnery, who handles the estate of Hans Hoffman; Anita Shapolsky who famously brought Modernist abstractionists to New York; and Rhona Hoffman, grand dame of the Chicago art world.
Experiments with printed human figures alongside abstraction.
Designs three diverse collections of paintings. Conservation and materials research.

2017 Moves with Povey to Villa Rosa, a beachside studio. Pensacola, Florida.
Makes two collections of paintings each year. Distills paintings back to overlaid written language, exploring varied ways of handling the concept, combining oils, acrylics, gilding and graphite. Resolution of process, technical and conservation issues.
Several works purchased by the Besharat Gallery and Museum.
2018 Continues with 'Language Abstracts'.
New Orleans Gallerist offers Povey and Schultz an artists’ residency at her bayou studio in Summer 2018. The isolation provides Schultz with the perfect environment in which to combine the portraiture of working people with written language.
Fulfills commissions for New York, Austin, Texas and New Orleans collectors (gilding, painting, process work, conservation).

2019 Photographs several models, photoshop manipulates images and transfers to canvas, beside adapted Constructivist forms.
Collaborates with Smithsonian Museum conservators in resolving conservation issues with new paintings.
Stays at the Welsh home of nephew of Ralph Mayer, author of world renowned 'bible of art techniques and materials' book series.
Emigrates to North Devon, England.
Travels in search of models for her Language and Occupation body of paintings.
Works at her isolated studio with Povey.